The cave of Daniel the Gray
(nothing to hack here)
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Who is this guy?

I am a Christian, a programmer, a musician, a videogamer, a Tolkien fan, among other things.

I like to program (a lot) and am currently working in Java during the day. I’ve been paid (in the past) mainly to write Java, C#, SQL, JavaScript (+other web things). I’ve worked in C, C++, Perl, Python, etc. mostly as part of my school work.

I like Unix/Linux, shell tools, networking, and learning new things every day.

I am still kind of getting the hang of all the web stuff… so bear with me! And feel free to send any suggestions to…. uh…. I don’t want to put my email in plain text here just yet. :) I’ll update it here when I figure something out.

I studied for 4.5 years in Bolivia (at the Universidad Privada Boliviana) where I got the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. (2009-2013)

I worked a few jobs after that.

I did an internship at a telecom provider, doing SNMP polling on all the servers & routers of the company and consolidating it into Cacti server, where I got my first exposure to Perl.

I worked at a startup doing Android development work for almost a year. I mostly did Java there, although I also did a large amount of PHP development on the backend and I also administered the Linux servers where the code and other things (like test environments) were hosted.

After that, I worked at Thomson Reuters for little over than a year and a half, doing development on the Micro$oft stack (C#, .NET, SQL Server) and also on Java from time to time. I also did some Android development work during my final months there.

After that, I got a scholarship from the Simón I. Patiño Foundation in Bolivia to go to Lausanne, Switzerland and do a Master’s in Computer Science, at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). There, I studied distributed systems, Cryptography, some networking, concurrent algorithms, and met a lot of amazing people.